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March 08, 2011


Karen Maxon

Thanks so much for the tip -- it was the first on the list, the Wacom driver.

I run Windows 7 in Parallels on an iMac. I had the Wacom driver installed in Windows. I uninstalled it, and the Revit materials worked fine. And now I run the Wacom through the Mac OS. So I still have my trusty tablet AND functioning materials!

Much appreciated,


I had the same problem, Windows 7 Wacom Tablet driver installed. Now unistalled drivers Wacom, Revit works fine when launching the Materials or Render Appearance Dialogs. Now i work with driver default windows on Tablet Wacom Intuos XL, so i don't optimaze the tablet with his specific drivers, how can i do to resolve it?
Thank you

Weston Tanner

We were also experiencing this problem on a Windows 7 pc with the Wacom driver installed. We were able to figure out that if you disable the Windows Tablet PC Input Service from the System Configuration there is no more crashing, even with the TabletServiceWacom service running.

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