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April 11, 2011


James Vandezande

This is absolutely terrible. Why on earth would you take such a simple solution and swap it out for something idiotic? Just to make it more similar to some other terrible products in the ADSK lineup? C'mon guys...


What a retarded move. Take something that worked well, and remove it. Why?
Revit had some of the easiest license management out of any Autodesk product... and now it doesn't. Sad.

Eddy Krygiel

Ditto to anyone who thought this solution was concocted in a vacuum. What happens if you have a license server that can't find a license? Or you're out of the office? Does the software just not open? I have no idea how long it took to write the code for this. Minutes or hours or what, but I could have suggested some better uses of that time......

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