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April 25, 2011


Jason Bailly

Thanks Ryan. This does not yet exist in WikiHelp.
Also, it would still be nice to have a lightweight installer to remove 2011 and install 2012 or even just to install Revit Server 2012. Running it from the Autodesk_Revit_Architecture_2012_English_Win_32-64​bit.exe (3GB) file is pretty time consuming. Can we crack the installer open and just get a dedicated installer for RS2012 like we had for 2011 in the SAP (531MB)?

Ryan Duell

This information should be added to WikiHelp soon as well. Unfortunately there is no separate installer with the transition to 2012; it would need to be run off the standard installer. While there is an x64\Tools\RevitServer\RevitServer.msi file; do not install from this MSI. That is the core component that is utilized by the main installer. You will have no customization ability, and some features will not be properly installed if run separately. Just thought I would put this out there in case the question comes up or if anyone attempts to install 2012 in this manner. Thanks again.

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