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April 14, 2011


James Bowtell-Harris

Great. Have they moved the Keyboard Shortcut XML as well?

Harlan Brumm

Yes, if you make any changes to the default keyboard shortcuts, Revit will now store and create a KeyboardShortcuts.xml file in:

%appdata%\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012\

Its in your roaming directory so that your shortcuts will "roam" with you.


Harlan, if creating a network deployment is there a way to create/modify the .ini in the AdminImage folder of the deployment for corporate standards/customizations so it will take affect for all the installs by default rather than changing all the .ini files AFTER the installs?

Now that the 2012 deployment creation has slimmed down and limited what you can change in the deployment, .ini modification is more critical than ever, and I'd like to only have to do it once, rather than on EVERY machine.

Thank you.

Harlan Brumm

Check out this post we just published: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/05/deploying-revit-2012-with-a-customized-revitini-file.html

This post tells you how you can get Revit to create your custom Revit.ini file as part of your deployment.

Nicholas Seibert

I am trying to change the project path to go to a temp directory but it keeps defaulting back to my documents. Also i cannot get the Open family location to change.


Thank you.

Harlan Brumm

1st make sure that both folders exist already and that you are not asking to create them. If it fails though, Revit should warn you.

Then, make sure that the Revit.ini file in your roaming directory is updated correctly.

To make this change, I simply updated the existing lines in my ini file with new path information like this for the Project path (when clicking open)


and for when opening a family :
DataLibraryLocations=Metric Library=c:\Families\,Metric Detail Library=c:\Families\

Hope this helps,

Nauman Mysorewala

How do I copy a updated UISTATE.DAT during deployment. I copied the UIstate.dat to the %appdata% folder, but since it does not have the REvit.ini file yet, it gets reset (as you mentioned). how can I prevent it from being overritten during deployment?
Should I copy Revit.ini from userdatacache to %appdata% so it does not overrite.?

Todd Hand

Before Revit 2012, you use to be able to go into the Revit.ini file and delete the recent projects from the file and clear your Projects & Families on the Recent Files page when you first open Revit.

Now in 2012 the Revit.ini file no longer has the recent files listed within the Revit.ini file.

Does anyone know where that moved too? How do you clear the recent files page when Revit first opens?


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