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June 07, 2011


Jason Bailly

Hey Ryan, I was struggling with this until I realized that the inifile.xml buried in the AdminImage folder is set to be read only. Kept getting a warning 'Failed to copy IniFile.xml to new location: Access to the path '******\******\********\inifile.xml' is denied.
Checked all three flavors and the file was always set to be read only. Maybe the readme and the WikiHelp entry would benefit from this tip.

Jason Bailly

Looking at the content files I am somewhat baffled. The only thing that the utility does is remove the 4th line of code that is a URL to the revit.downloads.autodesk.com......
The solution that I had found in the past was to remove everything between the fourth line and the third to last line. This removes both the URL and the individual media paths. Seems like that makes a lot more sense.
Also, why are there master.r**.xml files for all three flavors in each deployment?


Hey guys,

Just thought I'd share a video a made a few weeks ago demonstrating the revit 2012 deployment tool. Check it out:

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