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September 07, 2011



Thank you Chris. I have to say that I do not fully agree with that article.

Among other objections, one is particularely odd, telling the user to blindly "purge all" ??!! and what have that got to do with anything ?

Robert Manna

Is the rise in these cases possibly related to the bug in the API support for extensible data storage where an API tool that uses the extensible data storage feature can cause the Central file to become corrupted?


I got this one day when nobody else was getting it on the same project, and it turned out to be because my hard disk was very nearly full. Clearing some space on the hard disk resolved the issue. (workshared file, local files on hard disk)

Chris Aquino

Basamjy - purging unused is part of a process we like to have users try in troubleshooting.

Robert - while we have seen that before, I would not say that is a large reason for this issue.

CM - Thank you for pointing out the single machine vs. all machines fix you found. I will update the post.

Thank you guys for your comments. If you have any others, please let us know.

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