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November 18, 2011


Harlan Brumm

One use that might be interesting is to combine the journal file gather script with this (http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/04/who-moved-my-files-important-file-location-changes-for-revit-2012.html). I could see this script being used to help do a little Audit of your office and know what everyone is running. good work Katie!


What a great idea. Well done.
I've tried it out on my own computer and go the following error:

Windows Script Host
C:\"location name"\Journals\journal-file-parser.vbs
Line: 98
Char: 1
Error: Path not found
Code: 800A004C
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

any ideas:

Im running Office 2010 so I don't know if that effects the xls file?

Kathryn Langan

Did you put the script in the Journals folder? If so, it should go one folder up - so the main folder should have the script in it, and then the Journals folder should be a subfolder to that:
C:\Main\Journal File Parser.vbs
Does that make a difference?


Along similar lines, you may be interested in:

Both were posted in March 2011.

Jason Bailly

how about some keywords like Exception or Crash :-)
That's what I am typically searching journals for. I use Notepad++ to get all of the hits in the journal file. Plain old notepad is for suckas

Account Deleted

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Joshua Moore

not working for me...sometimes I get the following error:

Line: 142
Char: 4
Error: Subscript out of range: '[number:0]'
Coce: 800a0009
Source: Microsoft VBscript runtime error

Other times it runs all the way through, but the excel file is in a font I can't read!

Joshua Moore

I get symbols like this in the excel file:

¶ËQ'ó:R,<²[6æ ”h¿ç
ø*Oy,¨ »¡I!å•E+¬Ë+D,AGûvzõ¼/x¶ŽÖ«ŸGF!j]e% w¤FOÏUQZÖ(É

I am on Office 2010 with Windows 7 x64. I checked the font and it is set to calibri, so it is somehow inserting the symbols that way.

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