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February 23, 2012



You mention that the build number will change once the new Utility.dll file is replaced and I can see that in the About dialog box within Revit. Previously my build was 20110916_2132 and now it is 20120126_0600. How does Revit determine this? Does it check all .dlls and .exes in the program folder and use the highest number? Or is this information stored somewhere that can be checked with a script? I have previously used the file version of Revit.exe to make sure my project teams are all running the same build, but this hotfix has me scratching my head because now it appears that the build is coming from Utility.dll because the file version of Revit.exe has not changed.

Kathryn Langan

I wrote a post back in November about a journal file parser that pulls out build numbers to facilitate an office audit: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/11/journal-file-parser.html
Would that help?


That's a great script! Thanks for pointing it out. I'd prefer not to use the journal file though as I'm trying to check the version number prior to a user actually launching Revit and since Revit writes the journal file, there could be inaccuracies (on first run or right after a patch is applied). I'm curious as to how Revit checks it's version number considering it's not part of the Revit.exe as indicated above.

Kathryn Langan

The build number isn't determined solely by the Utility.dll, but rather as you indicated, by scanning the various dlls at launch. Unfortunately it's not going to change the build stored in the Revit.exe directly. With Service Packs it's a little easier to track, but with a hotfix, you would have to launch Revit first to update the build, and that build would either be pulled from the journal after the first launch or by looking at the Utility.dll.

A Facebook User

Just curious - what's considered a large dataset?
I didn't think ANYTHING in Revit was small! :-)
Our Central files are typically in the neighborhood of 150 Meg. Is that "large"?
Do Linked files count?

Kathryn Langan

Yes, linked files can count. We've seen it reported with 350MB files + links down to about 115MB + links. So if you are experiencing any of the symptoms, I would suggest giving the Hotfix a try.


I think (after some help from Autodesk support) the way to do this is to check the Product Version of all of Revit's DLLs and the one with the highest number is the current build. This can be done before Revit is run and without relying on Revit writing that value to an external file (like a journal file). It also means that it should always be right even without knowing which file changed.

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