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February 28, 2013


Steve Bennett

Does installing this windows update affect stability of Revit 2012 or simply change the color of linked elements like those pictured?

Can this color be changed back from red to blue via a system setting?

Chris Aquino

At this time, it's mostly just a graphics issue. And for changing it back, uninstalling the update or turning off Hardware Acceleration have been the only things we've found that fixes the issue.

Alvin Roberts

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Alvin Roberts

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I also have seen that the same windows update has caused issues in Revit 2013 with 3D printing. It causes the 3D view not to print. Uninstalling the update fixes the issue.

Jamisen Swenson

Thanks for the info
I found that turning off hardware excelleration changes things in Revit's realistic view...So after uninstalling the update and turning hardware excelleration on, everything went back to normal...so to speak lol

Dorthy Packer

Thank you so much for sharing this information on updating windows. Who can I receive repair service on my windows in victoria bc? Thanks for your help!

Mint Crunch

Many thanks for this workaround. I just wanted to add a couple of extra notes.

1. The KB2670838 also affected PNG Rasters images, in my case changing an orange logo to blue on screen (the printed PDF was still orange).

2. After uninstalling and hiding the update I installed Internet Explorer 10. After rebooting and opening Revit 2012, the colour problem returned. On checking Windows Update history I found the update had been reinstalled, presumably by the IE10 install (as KB2670838 is documented as a 'pre-req for IE10'). After uninstalling and hiding the update again my system has returned to IE9. Thank heavens I prefer Chrome; I only keep IE installed for apps such as Revit that need it for it's help system.

Hope this helps and thanks again for the info.

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